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Mechanical Isolation for a Power Transformer

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Pulling together the parts for a 300b mono amp and was wondering if it is worthwhile/desirable to mechanically isolate the power transformers from the chassis. Was thinking that felt/nylon washers may work well. Trying to limit vibrations being transmitted through chassis to the tubes. Is this an issue worth pursuing? Thanks.

Definitely a good idea! I routinely mount power transformers on rubber isolation feet. Like the one on the pic

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You can also get vibration isolation grommets from McMaster Carr. Drill the correct size hole in the chassis, pop it the grommet, and bolt up the transformer.

Ideally, when using these, put a washer on both sides of the grommet and a spacer sleeve in the grommet so that when you tighten the nut & bolt you don't squish the grommet. I've also used them without the sleeve spacers and they still provide more isolation than nothing.
isolation is a tricky buisness...partly becuase the process to tighten everything down degrades the isolation potential....a good DIY approach is to use a bolt with 2 waskers and 3 rubber faucet washers. put the tranny on 4 faucet washers that are centered on the mount holes, put one washer on the bolt, put one fucet washer next, slide the bolt/washer/faucet washer thru the hole. put a rubber faucet washer under the chassis on the bolt you side thru. put metal washer and nut. tight just enough to keep some friction while alowing the bolt to be able to be turned by hand. too tight and you loose the isolation effect. what you wind up with is rubber between the bolt head and the tranny, rubber between the tranny and the chasis, rubber between the chasis and the nut.
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