Measured Free Air Parameters with DATS vs Published TS Parameters

Is there some software that will do Monte Carlo type analysis and verify that a particular design gives acceptable results with the expected production / manufacturing variations in T/S parameters in the selected driver? Like how will the loudspeaker (driver mounted in enclosure) sound if the various T/S parameters are stepped through their expected tolerance.

Say we have 2 parameters - A and B, both expected to vary by +/- 5%
The software will run multiple simulations
1. A=-5; B=-5
2. A=-5; B=-4
3. A=-5; B=-3
n. A=-4; B=-5
n+1 A=-4; B=-4

This will help ensure that there is no rogue combination of parameter values that will produce unacceptable results.
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Sorry, just saw this. A thought:

Monte Carlo would be cool to show the expected outcome. LTSpice seems to have that function, I don't know how to use it, so I don't know if it can be applied to the driver itself, or only the crossover designs (although it seems the driver is modeled with electronic components so probably).

Otherwise it is a lot of work to do one manually.

But it seems that some of the combinations are infeasible (i.e. parameter x and parameter y are related in a way that limits the possible combinations in the same speaker - sticking to the idea of examining manufacturing tolerance not different speakers). And others seem to be complementary.

So a sensitivity analysis done once (or once per enclosure type) might let you figure out the combinations of interest (parameter x at max, parameter y at min, etc.) then every time after you could just model those as a check (and the exercise will probably help getting a feel for what matters).

Pretty sure Hornresp has a section in the Loudspeaker Wizard that lets you play with the T/S parameters, so it might not be as hard as if you had to create 1000 different driver files and load them into the sim.

I might do this myself, as I have probably spent the equivalent time in Basta!, Hornresp, and WinISD fooling around that I could have done this in a structured manner and gotten a much better feel for what is going on. But I guess I had to learn some other things to make sense of it.
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