MCU controlled PSU


2007-06-15 8:04 am

Having possibly read to much in the Blowtorch thread I have begun contemplating moving the AC -> DC conversion and the initial regulator stage to a separate chassis for my line level stuff.

I can generalize my needs to dual independent +/- [email protected] supplies and one [email protected] auxiliary supply. Thus I would like to make a few interchangeable PSU's which I can reuse in several projects.

Since microprocessors are cheap I'd like to incorporate some monitoring functions as well.

I don't see the need for sequencing but having an MCU checking the status of the supplies every 15minutes or so would be nice and also adjusting the output voltage to always lie inside a predefined tolerance range. Obviously the accuracy of the voltages would not be greater than that of the ADC measuring them but just browsing some of the larger suppliers seems to reveal several parts with more than decent long term performance.

Any opinions and/or suggestions? I have attached a first draft block diagram.


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