MC stepup and current amplification

I have an Phasetech P-1 cartridge, which has 0.25mV output and 5 ohms internal resistance.
Also I have an Trigon Advance phono amplifier which I would like to replace with a diy stage.
Now I have been googling & reading a lot, and I like the current amplifier described by RJM (

0.25 mV into 5Ohm equals 50 uA current.
Can anybody predict what will happen if I use a MC stepup transformer (like the TX103) in an inverted way?
A 10:1 conversion would increase the current to 500uA on the secondary (normally primary) side and that would require lower gain in the 2nd stage.
To me it seems like a good way to lower the noise, but I wouldn't like to risk my expensive cartridge :angel:
To answer my own question (after some more research):

This will not work, the resistance of the transformer is a lot higher than I expected.
It is also a lot higher than the resistance of the cartridge.
So, there is a load and the current will be a lot smaller than 500uA which requires larger resistors to get the gain.