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Matched IRFP240PBF

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Hi folks,

I went through a big IRFP240 matching marathon for an Aleph X and have a bunch of these left over. I can provide pairs matched within a 0.001V and quads matched within 0.003 mV or better. They were measured at 22V, 0.75A after 45 seconds of power on and FWIR, it seems like they should remain closely matched at most any condition we would typically use them at.

Let me know what you are looking for. In general, here's what pricing would look like.

Matched pair: $5 + shipping/paypal
Matched quad: $11 + shipping/paypal

As you can see, not really looking to make any money here. It's basically the price you'd pay for these at mouser rounded up. Least I can do for all the help I've received here over the last year or so!

UPDATE: If you're in the US, please assume shipping will be $6 for small box priority mail shipping. For outside of US, you can assume the small box priority mail shipping as well... just refer to the following website for shipping estimate:
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By popular demand, I'm running another batch. This time, I also purchased matching Sil-Pads. They will go for $0.50 each in addition to the quads. Pricing remains the same as above. For folks that would like alternate shipping (envelope vs. USPS flat rate box) let me know and I'll quote it based on your needs.

Parts should arrive late this week or maybe early next week and I should have the matching done shortly thereafter.
Okie dokie. 100 are matched! PM what you're interested in.

Number of pairs($5)/quads($11)/sextets($18)
Number of sil-pads($0.50)
Regular($2) or priority($6) shipping
Where to send your paypal invoice.

Alternatively, you can send your payment to me directly (jasonwang99) at yahoo you know the rest. Just be sure to pay the paypal fee on your side.

You can email me there with questions as well. Already have a few people who have put their name in from the last run so act fast to make sure you can get what you want.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.