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Matched IRFP240 and IRF9610 Order

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Hello All,

I am looking at matching sets of IRFP240's and IRF9610's. The number of IRFP240's beeing order is 200 (hopefully matching within 0.02v) and 75 IRF9610 (hopefully matched within 0.005v).

Before I go ahead with this large order of fets, who else would be interested in purchasing a set. The set will include:

4 * 6 matched IRFP240's
3 * pairs of IRF9610's

$100 US plus shipping.

I will also be selling matched sets for custom orders if I can't get seven customers, so if anyone else is interested in a smaller quantity please email. The matching will ocurr over a few weekends during July and be sent out by the end of that month.

If anyone is interested or has any queries please email.

Brent Acworth
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