Matantz CD5003

I have used the CD player for about three years.I faced no problem of any sort in the mean while.
Suddenly I find that when a burned CD is inserted, after reading the toc it displays "error",
In the circumstances I am seeking help so I can get it fixed.


Syed Hossain

You may try to replace the laser mechanism by Sanyo
SF-P101N (16pin) laser mechanism, it may work. It is
available from the ebay. I purchased it from a local
Marantz service center and got a defective (used)
one (but sold to me as new). It did not work.


syed hossain

2013-05-27 10:47 pm
Marantz CD5003

Dear Roushon,
Thank you for your suggestion for the problem now being faced by me.

However my experiance with my old Panasonicdisc mini player suggests that when a lazer weakens it gives some sort of indications,like slipping or it plays with some cds for a while then stops etc.,but in this instance all on a sudden it just started indicating ERROR, so could it be that the fault is some where else.

I am sorry to hear that a Marantz service centre sold you a used Sanyo lazer for a new one.So,who can you trust these days?

Thank you again for sparing your time in trying to help me out of this.

Sincerely yours

In my case it was pausing for couple of seconds and also
back tracking for a second sometimes...finally it gave
error message. Yes, I did try some other things like
checking for any loose connection on the flat cables and
at the connector points, also greased the sliding laser
head assembly using silicon grease. Now it has started
working again but with the small pauses etc, but does not
give error message any more. The new one I purchased
locally just does not work.

Best wishes