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Massive Old Console... Repair or gut and replace with modern stuff?

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My grandfather had a giant, gorgeous wooden console stereo. He recently passed away and had given it to me, knowing my love of music. I have a big room that it will go nicely in, BUT I need to know what I should do with it. Is it even worth repairing? Or should I gut it and put a no maintenance modern solid state system in it?


Victrola : RCA Victor VGT 7 5 W.

It looks just like this..

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

On further research this thing "MAY" be a solid state one. I havn't cracked it open to look yet. I will let you all know what I find out. I just assumed it was tubes due to its age.
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My head just exploded. I pulled the back off and sure enough its Solid State!! I guess I will just gut the components and turn it into something modern. A little wood working and I can make this thing SING. Should I install new speakers in the same locations as the old one, and put filters and what not, or do you think I should gut it completely and just set a couple of bookshelf speakers in there for simplicity?

Looks like it has 12'' sub woofers, then a 4.5'' for mids and two tweeters. per channel.

Also, the hinges are busted so the lid will not stand upright., but it does open and close fine.
any idea what's wrong with it?
some fixes are easy and if it fires up you'd at least get an idea what the speakers are like in it.
odds are they're reasonably sensitive drivers that could be easily run with a Lepai or a nice chip amp project.
i've got a soft spot for old consoles some just have both the kitsch factor and the tone but that's just me i love a repair challenge.
Not sure exactly, my grandfather said that years and years ago his house was hit by lightning. He had it repaired but it was never the same. I can get it to power on, I can hear a slight buzz, but nothing seems to work from there. No radio static, or anything.
yikes lighting!
yeah if your not into refurbing an old chassis then replacing the amp/receiver would be the way to go.
i'd still be tempted to re-use the drivers with newer x-over components.
any chance you could upload some pic's? (you know inside shots,chassis, speakers,dust bunnies, cobwebs and all)
Sure, I will take care of it in the morning, I looked at the drivers and they are not totally bombed out. So that's kind of exciting! They are mounted to a large piece of hardwood that is then screwed into place, I may try to remove them so that I can get a good look at the front of the system. It would be cool to run the originals if they still work. Or to replace them if they are shot.

I would be interested if 55w a channel would be adequate to run them. Sonos makes the little SONOS AMP that I could throw in there, wire the speakers and crossover and be done with it. It would look awesome, but have tons of modern convenience.
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Nice one! I'd say try to save the speakers, put in a more modern receiver to do amp and tuner duties.

For years we had an 1958 Fisher stereo console in our living room. The tube electronics had been sold off before we got it, so I just used a little Lepai amp with tone controls and it sounded great, filled the whole house. Each speaker had three Jensen 8" drivers in it.We also ran the TV thru it.
Since this is a tube oriented "board", may I suggest something "hollow state"? What sort of power O/P did the original RCA electronics yield? It's not particularly difficult to get an honest 30+ WPC, along with a respectable damping factor.

BTW, does the console contain record playing equipment? If so, a photo will help the "crowd" in making reasonable recommendations.
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