MarkAudio CHN-70 cabinet designs

OK, so I'm really enjoying my CHN-70's that I put in the Pensil 7 cabinets. Has anyone or is anyone designing a cabinet specifically for this great little inexpensive driver? I just saw that Madisound had them for $23 (crazy cheap)..I would love to do another build and compare...or maybe I should just shut up and be happy with what I have...LOL... thanks.:D
I really like the sound of the CHN-70 in a Karlsonator. Deep powerful room filling bass that needs no BSC and is balanced with nice mids and highs. The CHN-70, once behind a K aperture actually sounds smooth and much better than a direct radiator.


How is CHN-70 when compared with other MA drivers like CHR-70, CHP-70, pluvia etc. Does its cheap price indicates its not as good as those other MA drivers? or in certain enclousers it will be doing good as those others?

You can read more about how CHN-70 compares to other drivers here:

Compared to A7.3: