Markaudio Alpair-7MS


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'Best' is a function of the needs of the app, so ideally need to know your performance goals, room layout/furnishings, in room driver, speaker/listening position details, available power, what, if any EQ available, any WAF considerations; otherwise I'd just give you a T/S max flat vented alignment and move on to the next 'customer' ;).
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My miniOnkens, the primary ones, were inspired by the side vents in an Onken i saw in a late 1970s in an Audax design booklet.

But they do not use the official Onke alignment.

The vents are purposely long and narrow contirbuting R to the vents and pushing the box from pure reflex towards a more aperiodic alignment.

This typically yields smaller than typical enclosures, they only go as low as they go, bass is elegant and articulate. Partly due to a greater tolerance for dynamic changes in T/S parameters.


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