Mark Audio 11MS: when will they be available again?


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2012-09-16 12:53 pm

I've bought almost two months ago a pair of Mark Audio 11MS and they were supposed to be delivered early December, then late December, then early January, now there are no forecasts.

What is happening? Has the production stopped?
When will they be available again?

I imagine whenever the distributor orders a new batch. ;)

The way dealers / distributors generally work is this: they order a pallet or so of drive units from a manufacturer, then they sell them. When they get to xyz point, they order a new batch. If for whatever reason they don't order in time for shipping (since this depends on the availability of shipping), or the manufacturer doesn't have sufficient numbers of a given product available, which is not unknown, then there is a delay until either the shipping is available, or a new batch of drive units are built to fulfill the order. Remember, manufacturers, especially small ones, do not have every product in constant production: they make them in batches, because it is not economically viable to have lots of product sitting on shelves waiting for a distributor to buy it (or not, as the case might be). That takes resources in terms of components, and also warehouse space. So they make a given number of units in batches at set times, anticipating potential orders, based on feedback from distributors etc. Usually the timing works, sometimes it doesn't.
My supplier said last half januari, which is tomorrow so i'll contact him tomorrow... I'm also waiting for drivers to be availeble. But other suppliers have the same issue, i'm already waiting for 4 months on drivers i ordered but the manufacturer can't deliver them yet... and yes they also come from China. It's that the economy on worldscale is distrupted by Covid, and delays are often big. Even for my client as IT consultant (what is my main job), it's hard to get some stuff, and that is a big infrastructure company owned by the Belgian gouverment...