Marchand Elec. amps?

I have some experience with Marchand Electronics kits. For a friend, I assembled their 200watt RMS 8ohm MOSFET amplifier (can't quite remember the exact model No. - but PM24 I think). It sounded pretty good. However, you cannot compare them with the circuits that are more popular on this site. The input stage also used FETs (VN1210 and the like) and the outputs were IRF630/9630. The kit quality and instruction manual are excellent. The PCB was double sided PTH. The sound was not absolutely neutral but had a slight "blur" normally associated with Mosfet circuitry. Let me hasten to add that there are many Mosfet circuits appearing lately that do not suffer from this colouration.

I also assembled their entry level two way crossover (XM1 I recollect) as well as the more sophisticated crossover (XM9, but not too sure of the Model No.). Both were Linkwitz-Riley types and I think the latter also had a "damping control" on board; actually, that is what they call the control. Its function is to adjust the gain around the crossover point.

To reiterate, these kits are very good for beginners who need an elaborate construction manual but not as reference sound kits.