Marcel's RTZ DAC

I'm creating a fresh thread to document the progress of my project with Marcel's RTZ DAC.

The original information about the RTZ DAC is here.

I was one of the first builders of the RTZ DAC after listening to Marcel's prototype, which he kindly loaned to me. Two of my fellow UK-based audio DIYers have built DACs to the RTZ design based on hearing the prototype when I took it to a UK meet-up. I'm currently without an RTZ DAC as I have supplied the boards I assembled to others.

I also have Marcel's Valve DAC and ppy's DSC2 DAC as reference points.

In the next few weeks I plan to built two identical RTZ DAC boards - eventually they'll find themselves used in different ystems but in the short term I plan to explore using the DACs with a variety of input arrangements, power supplies and output filters and report my personal perceptions/preferences. Having two identical boards will provide me with a reference point.

Input options I have available include;

  • Beaglebone Black with ppy's reclocker
  • Beaglebone Black with ppy's DSD'it resampler
  • Beaglebone Black with TPA Hermes/Cronus reclocker
  • Amanero clone with PCM2DSD resampler
  • JLSounds i2soverUSB reclocker
The RTZ DACs will receive DSD256 data sourced from Roon/HQPlayer with the resamplers processing PCM data and the reclockers will receive DSD data, both native DSD256 and PCM resampled to DSD256 via HQ Player. I also plan to try the Amanero/PCM2DSD with PCM data from my smartphone using the 'USB Audio Pro' app via a USB OTG connection.

I currently have available the original output filter and the simplified version and in time plan to explore some additional modification options.

Anyway, the first thing is to borrow a reflow oven and get the two RTZ DAC boards assembled, hopefully in the next 2-3weeks.
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