Marantz TT120 Turntable - service manual needed.

Hello good people.
This is my first post, sorry to bother you guys with this.

I have a "old" Marantz TT120 that has mechanical issues. By that I mean:
The motor will not start by moving the arm. It will start if I "force" it by activating the inside switching mechanism - so it is no electrical issue, just mechanical.
The arm will not come back to the rest position after I click the "reject" button.

I am pretty positve this is something (or some things) out of place, a spring, a piece of plastic, a gear, whatever.

I can not find a service manual for it - although I think "vynilengine" site has it, but new user registration are disabled, so I can not access it.

Does anyone have the service manual for this TT that could share?
Can anyone help?

thank you so much!