Marantz PM-95 TDA1541A-S1 D/A

Hi. I have used this wonderful amplifier for some years now and i'm very pleased with how it sounds. Some months ago i got hold on a Krell KAV2250 to a price i couldn't resist, and in this moment my problem started. When i compare the marantz with the krell (and thule PR150B Preamp) the only thing notisable is that the marantz sound more warm, not to be lack in the details, just more smooth. The singers are placed in the middle, and both of them have a punchy solid bass. I love them both and now i don't know wich one to sell (have to sell one of them). I know its stupid to ask for a advice like this, but i just don't know! The reson why i think in selling the marantz is that i all ready have a Sony CDP-337ESD cd-player with the same wonderful D/A chip, infact it contain two of these (uppgraded to S1). Ya, i just don't know...


2009-04-14 1:12 am
It does not.
And both amps use obsolete MOSFETs (different types in each amp) that cannot be replaced with anything available, so don't blow them up.

Thank you so much for your answer!
Do you have service manual for PM95?
If you prefer, or the file is quite big for forum, I ask you by PM.

It is only to know detail of this amplifier project.
Thank you again