MARANTZ DV12S1 start up problems ... firmware

I have marantz dv12s1 which was not used for a few years. After 3 years i deceided to try to fix it.
One day it stopped working when I tried to close the tray with finger.
Display immediately shows all segments and died.
Now when i turned it on it just displayed ....marantz for a few seconds than logo dissapers... number of relays are clicking red led is woorking, in test mode shows all display segment correctly, shows region code, version of front U-com al fuses on switch supply board are ok. also p101 on transport board. No problems codes on service mode.
Is it possible that firmware is damaged?
Does anybody knows where to get firmware for it and how to reflash it, because dvd mechanism is dead so firmware dvd is not usefull.
Thank you very much for any hints and help.