Marantz CD84 laser failed or not?

Marantz CD84 - diodes for PSU

Hi All,

I got myself a beautiful Marantz CD84 via gumtree. The seller was very good about pointing out its issues. Its with the draw mechanism, sometimes it doesnt close completely- I have the service manual so will just re-grease the mechamism - any ideas of what to use?

A few dry joints, i found so decided to recap PSU and Audio with a mix of SilmicII, FG, KZ and one KW. I have not exceeded capactiance, just voltage slightly, so the 3A Schottkies 1N5822, might be over kill and they are large.? any ideas what to use. I think with my Marantz CD75MKII i used 11DQ10 diodes? maybe these would more more suitable?

Opamps, using LM4562
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Thanks Mooly. That looks a great product. I'll see if i can find it around on ebay.

Thanks Jon,I use a Silicon based oil on the CD rails which seems to really help the disc track. Maybe a grease based form might suit

The tray appears to be metal or plastic the rollers not sure. I cant get rid of all the old grey grease? would that matter:confused:


Any spray, whether teflon or silicon based, contains more or less oil which might destroy MBR rubber belts and O rings, so any surface in contact with rubber should be cleaned, degreased and left dry. Dry silicone spray is good on plastic cogs, although grease lubricant for printers is better because it reduces wear. For sliding surfaces in metal, silicone spray does not work well because the thin layer wears off quickly. Grease is much better there.
Marantz CD84 motor spinning constantly

Ive recapped my Marantz CD84, greased and new belt, the tray works well, though the issue seems to be now. The motor spins at full speed, and stop will not stop it, only way is powering off. The top of the tray that holds the disc doesnt spin

I wonder If i got cables around the wrong way,the jumper cables:confused:

I put a store CD in and it just ejected each time and motor kept spinning, though I saw the laser move to the centre and then move back once I shut off power (only way to stop motor spinning) :(

What I did in my upgrades. I dont think higher voltage would matter around the DAC etc.
Ive used SilmicII on the audio pcb with LM4562

PSU audio board, Schottky Diodes, Elna SilmicII, FG, KZ and KW
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Marantz CD84 tray motor dead?

Hi All :)

My Marantz CD84 was working perfectly a month or so ago when I lasted used it. I am wondering if the spell of humid weather has caused the problem with the playing most of the cd and returning to the beginning? maybe some oil for the swing arm mech?

Another issue is the tray wont respond. I checked all the jumpers , also took of the belt and tried to power the motor with a AA battery, but there was no respond. I had itinally thought it was the open close button on the tray??

Thank you


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Thanks for the reply Sq, i will look out for the motor 5v dc. The CDE84 wasnt playing again so I think the cables must need checking and the seating of the connectors. Motor didnt work with 1.5v battery so it must need more juice to test

Thanks Jon, yes i disconnectred the wires to test it but not with 3v only 1.5v, I will try again if no action will replace iwth motor that SQ mentioned