Marantz CD63SE is starting to skip.


2010-06-11 8:52 pm
I have a CD63SE. After all these years it is starting to skip here and there, usually between the late middle and the end of the disc. Seems random, I think. I will be disassembling and cleaning the worm gear and sled rails, but I am preparing for the possibility of laser replacement. What I have read is that the quality and reliability of the VAM1202 varies quiet a bit with a lot of VAM being DOA or having issues. All the info I can find on the subject seem to be many years old now. So, at this point in almost 2020, where does one purchase a good reliable part? Thanks...
There should be no other issues. It is a clean unmodified unit that I have had since new. With out having to read the huge 63/67 thread, any insight on how to do this adjustment?

I'm not an expert on CD transport repairs but I have found that very delicately cleaning the Laser lens with a Q-Tip dipped in alcohol may address the issue. (Especially around smokers).