Marantz cd63ki problem

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I have a 63 KI MK2. I know how plagued with laser issues this model is.

Love it. But since day 1 it's been reluctant to play first time when switched on, needing some gentle coaxing in to life, usually after 5 mins or so it will "go". Symptoms are, turn on, put disc in, press play, usually nothing, you can see the drawer move slightly (closed but seems to want to close a little more, but it is properly closed), keep pressing play and eventually it will start to spin the disc up a little, then a little more, then show a disc registry, and finally will spin up properly, show registry and play. Once your at this stage you can play, stop, skip tracks, swap discs as much as you like, till you switch it off and let it cool down, in other words I reckon if you left it switched on 24/7 it would be fine.

I did buy it knowing this and got it a bit cheaper because of it, and the seller who was honest about the fault threw in the new laser mech he had bought but not fitted.

When you put it in service mode it comes up with code 2. laser focus from memory.

I replaced the laser mech yesterday, now nothing, going through the service tests it performs them all, but put a disc in and nothing, will not play now no matter how long you try.

Please Help!

My issue is I love the CD player but really can't afford to get stuck in to a loop of dumping money in to repairing it, if it's something I can track down and repair myself great, but the thought of being in to a repair for £100 or so to pay someone to do it just makes it impractical, while I don't get anywhere near as turned on by a newer cd6006 uk they get amazing reviews, have a usb input and are around £200ish. Dumping too much in to my poor old KI doesn't make sense.
Hi Puffin thanks for the reply.

Sadly no the tray moves totally smoothly, I think the issue is probably they all maybe suck the tray in a tiny bit more as part of the lock up to play procedure, and I'm just grasping at straws.

It could be a laser voltage issue, but the only adjustment I can see is a small rotary pot on the laser board, as I've replaced this as a complete unit I doubt it's that as the chances of the old one and new one having the same fault are slim.

I've heard of people bridging a resistor with another resistor and that working, the fault actually suggests a capacitor issue tbh, I don't know I'm at the end of my tether.

I'm loathed to buy another one at circa £100 as it may last days or years with no guarantee as they all seem to die at some point, I'm equally loathed to throw £100 or so at repairing it as knowing my luck something else would fail shortly after. The attraction to replacing with a CD6006 is it's got the USB on the front and I wanted that facility at some point anyway and it's reported to be a nice sounding unit, but it's an ugly beast next to the 63KI. It's also £300 I don't really have to blow on the hifi.

Who knows, I guess I'm just not listening to music anytime soon!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.