Marantz CD6002 - won't power on

My Marantz CD has suddenly stopped working :mad:
The power standby light now flickers and pushing the power button will not turn on the CD player.
Looking through previous posts (circa 2011) there were links to sites with service manuals. Unfortunately those I've tried give no results (assume that they've removed the information since).
Anyone have a working link/copy?
When I first purchased this player it refused to recognise some disks as others have reported, which was fixed under warranty (well 90% fixed ...).
Combined with some other issues I've had with Marantz equipment, I'm not a very happy camper at the moment.:(

Thanks for any help.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Yes, its free to register. Confirmation should be instant... check your emails (spam folders).

2.35vrms will be the output level at the sockets when playing a disc with a 0db test tone. I have a Pearl-Lite SA-CD and that is quoted as 2.4vrms for CD and 1.8 vrms for SA-CD.
Thanks Mooly. Have received confirmation and already downloaded the service manual.
The other reason I was asking about the CD output is that I'm working on a line amp and want to maximise the first stage gain before clipping. So I guess I should allow a few dB extra for overhead rather than just 6.7V peak to peak.