Marantz CD56 schematic needed

So, I hypertuned this player.
Result is an audio beast. :D
Now I can say that I have a player that really makes music flow, with excellent dynamics, resolution, detail, no harsh ... bla bla bla
I started to modify this player one year ago and after each modification the player was extensively listen by me and a group of audiophile friends.

I didn't manage to get a schematic, but I'll try to share with you modifications I made so far.
Here is a list with my modifications (the moust important ones):
- LM324 - motor turntable circuit driver was replaced with OPA404 and decoupled with 2 x 100uF Oscon
- turntable motor control JRC4560 was replaced with AD826 and decoupled with 2 x 270uF Oscon
- 33uF capacitor - part of laser cc - was replaced with 47uF Oscon. This is between TDA5708 pin 17 and ground
- TDA5708 and TDA5709 decoupled with 100uF Oscon
- smd capacitor 470pF HFin TDA5708 pin 3 was replaced with polystyrene 470pF
- smd capacitor 5,6nF LPF TDA5708 pin 14 was replaced with polystyrene 5,6nF
- L272MB replaced with L2722 - radial and focus drive
- there are also few 1mH inductors placed in key posistions (supply rails), but I need schematic in order to give you exact position

- non oversampling modifications as described on this forum
- Elso Kwak V7 clock - Thanks Elso for sharing !!! :up:
- SAA7210 decoupled with 100uF Oscon and a small heatsink
- SAA7220 decoupled with ferite bead and 270uF Oscon + 2,2nF polystyrene + small heatsink
- SAA7210 HFi pin 25 - capacitor replaced with 1uF polypropylene
- SAA7210 FB pin 24 - capacitor replaced with 2,2uF polypropylene
- TDA1541 changed with TDA1541A and decoupled with 1mH + 270uF Oscon
- TDA1541A pin 16-17 added capacitor 470pF silver mica
- very important TDA1541A need a small heatsink
- TDA1541A cc decoupling with 14 x 220nF polyestere

- LPF removed, de-emphasis as well
- LM833 changed with AD826ARZ - these are SMD and need very small hetsink
- AD826ARZ decoupled with 470nH inductors and 270uF Oscon
- output capacitors changed to 2 x 270uF Oscon bypassed with 2 x 100nF polypropylene
- mute circuit removed

- +/-15V (7815/7915) moved to main heatsink
- all 1N400x rectifiers changed to BYV27 and BYV32
- all electrolitics replaced with Sanyo 105°C and Oscons after regulators.

Regards, tibi