Marantz CD50SE modify or sell


2007-01-10 10:36 am
I have a 17 year old Marantz CD50SE in perfect working order. It has never been used that much, but I am now updating my hi-fi.

It will eventualy consist of Eliot P3 amplifiers, a Nad 1020 preamplifier (very similar to legendary 3020 model but only a preamp) and a pair of Zaph SR71 speakers.

My question is, and I apologise for it being rather a newbie one, is it worth replacing the electrolytics and the output op-amps on the CD50 or just calling it a day and buying a new CD player like the Cambridge Audio 740 for £250-£300. I do not really want to re-clock it and do major work.

Any opinions appreciated.