Marantz cd5003 problem

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I have this Marantz cd5003 cd player purchased for about 3 years. Was
about to mod the player. But before I could even open the player it is
having a problem. It does not read any cd: says `Error' or `No disc'. I have
no clue where to hit as I never repaired such a piece of electronics. Please
any suggestion will be helpful before I go to a service center. The player is
out of warantee. I planned to mod it so it is a good idea to have a look at it
myself first.

Thanks and regards

Well, it was a childish observation! The problem seems to
be much deeper than I thought. Yesterday, it accepted cd
and played for sometime but started stopping sometimes
for a second and then continues playing. Finally it
completely stopped and gave `Error' message. Then
onwards continue to give `No Disc' message. This
morning it started playing again and the same problem
after sometime. It seems when the player gets rest for
several hours then it starts to accept cd, but soon the
problem comes back. Not sure what to conclude from

Any idea?

Thanks and regards
Hi Roushon
I know that it might seem obvious but probably it's a problem
with the laser .... as what you reported might has been the last choke
of a broken (end of life) one . Maybe, a sensitivity control that has to be
changed...Out of my range of skillfullness :)

Hi Pico,
It is been a long time since. Well, I am also not
very frequent in the forum either. Thanks for your
suggestion. I did make an online search and everywhere it
is indicating that I may have to change the laser

Laser assembly part No.!

How do I find out the laser assembly part No.? I opened it again and found out written on it GB-08 94V0 but did not find any on the net. Is it secret? I have the player's service manual, but that either does not seem to contain.
Kindly tell if there is any way I can find, or is it possible to replace with
some other (may be better) laser assembly? Any suggestion?

Thanks and regards
Hi Roushon!
Don't worry, I'm glad to help you.
Luckily, the laser of my CD-5003 is working good so I don't have knowledge about this issue... Anyway, I can give you three helps.
The first: look at the service manual and check on the laser assembly for 3.3V supply. It should be ok, if not maybe the laser cannot work properly.
Second: on the laser assembly there is a small potentiometer. It should regulate the current flowing into the led diode and maybe a higher current can make it work. BUT do it at you own risk :D ... I had never do this operation but it's common in PC/consolle cd players during their last life period. Search on the web :)...
Third thing: i've found on the web that our cd assembly is used in other cd player. Marantz CD-6003 and NAD CD515BEE.
The name of the part is CJDWSL11VF but if you search in this service manual it's real name (P/N - part number) is 943302002290M . Search this code on the web and should find some suppliers ;) . By example:
943302002290M Inventory | 943302002290M Pricing - Top Distributors

Good luck ;-)

Thanks Michele again! Replied your PM also. I found the
part number finally! It is the number as you have mentioned, it is the `Mecha Loader and Traverse' and available online. Was just checking, I played the player only for 69hours all total from the date of purchase. I am surprised it went wrong so early as I maintained it well.

Mecha Loader and Traverse

Finally purchased the Mecha Loader and Traverse for the
cd player directly from Marantz USA via Newark. Had to
purchase the whole mechanism. It is now perfectly

But wandering if I have to grease this new mechanism,
because I do not see much (or any) grease at the
needed places...Also before I grease do I have to
remove/clean the existing grease...I mean do silicon
grease which I am going to put react with any other grease/lubricant?

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