Marantz cd-r 615 issues


2016-02-03 1:54 pm
Thanks for adding me.
Let me start by saying this thing was crap from the day it arrived from Full Compass Systems at a bargain price of $2300. Superscope was terrific in their support of the unit. They serviced it under warranty 3 or 4 times. A 5th time I paid to have a new cdd2000 module installed (with a fan inside) at a reasonable $300.

Now it will not play back any cd-rs that have been finalized. It will play unfinalized self recorded discs with no problems. It's plays stamped CDs fine.

I have performed the full reset on the unit itself. Also it records 1x compatible discs fine as expected. It finalizes at 2x.

Any ideas? The cdd2000 drive is out of production I'm sure.