Marantz CD-73


2019-11-18 11:31 am
Hi all

I have a CD-73 with several issues; first was the +12V regulator defective.
Now the player starts, track playing is good but after 10-15 minutes it stops playing.
Acting on play button again a strange noise like an Hiss comes from the motor area (like zzzzzzzzwwwiiinngggg :) ); the turntable try to start but moves only half a millimiter.
The laser power is the same value as working state (tested with a laser meter) and all the voltages from PSU are ok.
Used the refrigerating spray to find the issue but nothing happens; if I leave the unit unpowered for a day it restarts and play CD so the problem appears again.

All the voltage on Mab8840 are ok as on the schematic.

What could be the issue?
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