Marantz CD 63SE. RCA output jacks don't make good center contact.

With great help from this community I changed the laser unit in the Marantz CD63SE and it works fine now mechanically. Now suddenly I have an issue with the RCA output connectors. It appears that the center post of an RCA male plug is not making good contact with the RCA output terminal in the CD player. I've tried several different RCA cables and once you get one to work, it works for a while but even a small touch will lose contact. I have tried contact cleaner and bending the external tabs on the jack so the ground is making good contact so it must be the center hot connection that is iffy. If you push the rca plug in one direction it will make contact and play but obviously the contact is not good without some lateral pressure. The rca terminals are housed in a plastic housing directly attached (soldered) to the main board so I either need to find a replacement or figure some other way to cure this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks if you can help.
(a) Apply a layer of solder to the pins of the RCA plugs in order to increase their girth and grip?

(b) Solder flying leads terminated with in-line RCA sockets to the main board?

Not particularly satisfactory suggestions I know, but would get you up and going!
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Here are pictures of the Marantz RCA output connector, the red plastic piece is the inside and I can't really tell how the silver connectors are made to contact the inner pin of the male RCA plug, but somehow that connection is not happening with 4 different RCA cables. As I said, if you push the RCA plug to one side, a connection is made and the output is fine. As far as I can tell the red RCA holder is directly soldered to the main board.


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A drill may be easier, keep the area clean of chips.
Means a dismantle in either case, punch or drill.
I was thinking powered press to punch, there may be devices for this that I am not aware of.

Galu said use flying leads, a small metal box to hold the connectors is less labor, will work.

Old set, try flowing the joints, may have damaged tracks in that area, or dry joints, pushing the plugs is causing the solder or tracks to lose contact.
It happens, somebody pushed too hard, and damaged things.
And lead free solder, is known to crack after many heat cycles.

Best is put new jacks, either a box, or on the chassis.
You can attach the box to the chassis at back with small fasteners, or epoxy...then no chips.
Take the wires out the existing holes, and connect to the new jacks in their box.
Metal...connect to Earth, less noise issue.

Like Rayma says below, ...or alternately just remove the plastic bit, put bolting type jacks, use wires to PCB.
That will protect against excess mechanical force.

Random net image, no ties to seller.
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Thanks for the current messages. rayma I can certainly put new RCA jacks in but would prefer to replace them in their original holes so I was hoping someone has a reasonable way of doing it without taking out the mother board and removing this plastic jack holder by desoldering it etc. Also if someone has disassembled this plastic piece, maybe there is a way to easily bend the connectors to slide onto the inserted rca pin.
That sure looks like it would replace the existing RCA jack. On the other hand if I need to remove the PCB to get the current jack out, I probably would replace them with chassis mounted jacks and connect with wire to the PCB. You guys rock. Guess it's disassembly time again. Thanks.
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Use flexible wire, so if the jack is forced, no physical damage will occur to the board, compared to the existing (stiff) structure.

I would check the date, and if it is really lead free solder, rework all the connector joints, and the mains side of the power supply with leaded solder, or a new compound, there were issues with the first set of lead free compositions.
And clean off the flux, leave no residues.
Spray contact cleaner where appropriate, it stays as an anti oxidant film, better life.

Good luck, take care, enjoy the music.