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Marantz 2325, fully rebuilt to OEM specs...

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I got a Marantz 2325 receiver that I'm thinking of selling.

It was fully rebuilt last year, I got the bag of parts to prove it.

I had a specialist work on it. He took all the boards out, cleaned them, replaced the components as needed, caps, diodes, etc, etc... his replacement of such, ie: caps was done understanding their usage, not your typical "shotgun replacement". The only place where he "upgraded" the caps was in the power supply.

I believe the power transistors are still original.

We found a lifted trace on the FM demux board, so he jumpered it.

Replaced the lamps with somewhat lower wattage to preserve the velum -it's in very good shape. All buttons, slider, knobs work. We couldn't test the Dolby system. Phono preamp works; tuner works, tape monitors work; inputs work; lights work; volume and balance work...

In essence, my instructions were to rebuild to factory OEM spec. My plan when I get a vintage unit rebuilt it to bring it up to spec, not make it better.

But, as it just happens, I got too many things and I need to make some room in the closet... and to me, a 1974 OEM Marantz 2325 just doesn't sound so good. It has a "thick" sound to it. Bass is indeed powerful, but it's just no an agile unit. Sure, it looks great... like a beautiful 747 cockpit, but my current crop of goto amps are just a plain box with blue front panel switch.

Money... it was given to me eons ago and I spent 1100 bucks to restore it. I will provide the bag of used parts as proof and the name/number of the guy who worked on it.

Fools and flippers on ebay are asking 3000 or more bucks. You know the type? New LEDs! New CAPs!

If you're interested, PM me and we can discuss it. I'm only greedy when it comes to ZM's stuff. I can take pictures. I would like to sell this to someone who appreciates it and realizes that it is a 50 year old vintage receiver.
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I got lots of photos... here's a couple done while it was being worked on... it shows the boards.... somewhere, I got pictures of the bag of components..


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I can post more pictures... specially with the stereo light turned on for the FM... that picture was taken before we figured out that the FM board had an intermittent trace ( note it's tuned but the stereo is not on ) and got it fixed.

I also have pictures of the bag of components.

btw, $1100 is my cost. I don't look for $3000 but definitely somewhere in the middle. I did spend like three months on this beast. Again, I didn't do the work, but I was quite involved in it.... mostly kept telling the fellow to do "whatever" it takes to make OEM.

I'm actually sad on selling it, but I haven't used it for eons. I had it in the main system for a few months... it was definitely a nice "radio". Easy to use, walk up, turned the power on, wait a couple of seconds and voila! music. Not like the main system where I warm up the front end for half an hour, then warm up the amp(s) for another half and hour.... etc... And it does look really good. I was planning on buying the wooden case, but I guess I just never got around to it.

I know I'll kick myself later for selling it.
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More pictures... this one shows the Marantz tuned to an FM station... notice how the Stereo light works now.

Second picture... the Big Boys together... Those are A2 amps in full width, 5U cases. That gives you an idea of how big the Marantz is.

To the keen eyes.. why, yes, that is a Rawson F5.... except that inside it's no longer Rawson. It's completely new, boards, etc... only thing left is the case, connectors and transformer.


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Yep, the Marantz does have that "classic" 747 look. And yet the Sansui G-7500 sounds better. Oh well, I guess I will start rotating them... The wife didn't complain when I took the "small" stuff and brought this thing in. Her first question was... where's the remote? But, she knows how to use this stuff, no hidden controls and she knows how to use the tuner, volume, etc... The Sansui, with the "high speed transistors" sounds more nimble, but a bit lighter... imagine a ballet (Sansui) vs. a Polka (Marantz) and you get the idea.
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Hmm.. more like Tony's Hoard.

Over my life, I have sold one Teac Reference receiver, a pair of PSB Century 600s, the matching center channel and an ARC D70 MkII and a pair of Radio Shack speakers with those fancy Linaleum tweeters.... Oh, an Optimus 7 and a pair of in wall ADS L300.... eons ago, when I didn't know better, I traded in a Marantz 2220B, Marantz 4G speakers, Kenwood turntable and cassette deck. I sold my Dual TT to a friend.

I also threw away... an Akai GX95 tape deck.... Ooops...

I'm kicking myself for having sold the D70 ( I had two, so I still have one ).

That's it.

I'm looking at a box, right to the left of my keyboard, holding a pair of Slagle autoformers... and an NCore kit.. and a Schitt Syn... all of them in boxes.. projects, projects... And more stuff behind me... to the side... if it weren't for the door and the sliding window and gravity....

Oh yeah, two jamon serranos too! Because, well, the price was right and we might have the Big One and I might need jamon serranos to tide the apocalypse... ( BTW, Costco has them back for 100 bucks.... a few months ago, though, I scored one for $80.... ).

I'm an Acquisition Diode.

Nothing is on sale. I'm building a mausoleum.... I'm gonna be buried with my stuff. My son threatens to bury me with a picture of my stuff.

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All nice things. I am down to four amps, two pairs of speakers and a bunch of DIY preamps that I do not use... I tend to sell stuff to fund projects as building stuff is what I enjoy the most. So long as I have one setup to listen to. At one point, I had 14 amps, 12 pairs of speakers and a bunch of other stuff... I don't miss any of it.
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I'm slowly getting back to building...

Low power first.

14 amps.... only 10 "sets" of speaker... over 30 amps.. ;-) building up the portfolio of preamps. Five bedrooms, living room and den... eight systems... plus the portable set ups. ;-)

I find the cost of DIY to be very achievable and the ability to customize very nice. Plus when I buy commercial stuff I only do it used.

Eventually, I think I need a 100 wpc SIT amp... that might settle things. But then, what do I do with the other babies?

Only one turntable though. I do have some limits.
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