manipulating turntable pitch

Greetins all -
Any thoughts on how to manually pitch shift for a phonograph? i have some ideas, but donnot know enough elctronic basics to be sure it would work and not fry the turntable. I'd like to be able to adjust the speed of rotation, but still get full audio out-much like a dj turntable (see Technics 1200 series) but with MORE control beyond + - 8%. Thanks!
turntable pitch adjustment

I have yet to purchase a turntable, so whichever types(s) would be the best bet is the kind i would buy. I am willing to spend about $300, if that helps at all. Any experience that was a success? are there kits or "how to" manuals out there? (this is regards to manually being able to pitch shift, more than 8 % etc, via some electronic slider device)
thanks for your response Walker, any more advice or resource info would be greatly app. slimfeller
The easiest type of turntable to modify is the DC belt drive but it presents other problems if you want to vary speed continuously. The second easiest is the AC direct drive the old (80s) Technics (and other brands) turntables were invariably this style. They have switches to select rotational speed (33 1/3 or 45 rpm) and TRIMPOTS on the printed circuit board to adjust the speed. You could remove the trimpots and remotely wire potentiometers. You may need to change the value of the pots to achieve greater range. If you have or know of someone with some electronics know how, (it wont need a genius)it shouldn't be hard. A schematic would be helpful for this but not necessary. Of course wow and flutter will probably increase.

I'd like to point out that I haven't done this before, I have repaired many turntables though.

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