Manger project

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I am considering buying an old Manger speaker for parts

I will not be able to audition anything before I buy, but I am likely to get a good price. I have several concepts in mind -- the most interesting one is possibly open baffle home theater surrounds.

Any comments on the Manger drivers would be useful. I have verified that it is the 8Ohm Neodym magnet type.



Historical threads about Manger on DIYaudio that are interesting:
I like it!!!

Hallo Petter,
i play around with this driver for several years.
First one is a fullrange backloaded horn working
in my livingroom. I use an passiv linefilter to
eq the bass response. (not ready at all,couse i could seldom arrange my measuring system (PC and
Monitor - low WAF;-)
I forgot my very first try was open baffle.

And now, owning 4 pairs of them i build a two
way Monitor for the lab. A old Podzus Görlich
bass work until 200Hz 18dB aktiv on a NAD214 Amp,
the Manger use a Zen with 4A Bias.
Sounds very good but bass need an Linkwitz Biquad
filter for room aligning.
My next project will be a Manger as dipol and
2 10" Seas woofer also as dipol ( similar H baffle)and all driven by sym single ended design.
Ciao Andreas

My plans are for baffle surrounds.


Digitally crossed over with separate DAC's and power amps for bottom/top. Probably crossed over at around 230Hz or so, but this would be easily configurable on the fly.

I am currently testing a single loose unit without the baffle. It is interesting, particularly when moving the unit around!


I have tried a lot with Manger-drivers in the past years, prefer open baffles. The bigger the better. Unregular better than regular in my opinion. Try to avoid hard corners anywhere, especially the inner corners of the element-mounting-hole because the Mangers don´t like problems in their backside!!! It colurs the sound!

By the way you can buy my Special Earth Magnet Manger drivers link where there also is a lot of jumbosized surplus electrolytics for DIY!

To end with - I tried the Mangers hanging flat in thin ropes from the ceiling just slightly bending forward to the listening area and with no baffle at all except a thin felt-ring around the element to prevent hard corners. Sounded Super but of course needed woofer around ca 200 Hz or so



Have you had any success with your Mangers?

I've been thinking about trying to use a pair as rear surrounds for an HT setup with Phoenix across the front. I haven't built the Phoenix yet, but looking at the linkwitlab website made me wonder if the Peerless 830500 dipole woofer he describes would make a suitable woofer for this project. It crosses over at about 150Hz and is designed to be fast and tight, and also to produce high SPL.

I'm new to DIY (I've built an amp and a preamp, so far, but no speakers), so I thought I'd use the WM1 PCB Mr. Linkwitz offers for the crossover and perhaps build a couple of the modified Tripath 104s (described on Chris Broderson's website and further developed on another thread here) to drive the woofers and the Mangers.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Would the Mangers in an open baffle be able to go down to the 150Hz crossover point without getting "funky"? How far away from a wall would the backs of the speakers need to be?


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.