Make DAC of old CDP.

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CDP to dac

Hi kvaal, Looks like it is a TDA1541A S1 machine. It's a good machine to save. When my Magnavox CDB650's laser failed, I went with an Analogmetric TDA1541A board. Sadly it is not a great dac as designed. I did get it to sing better than the 650 with a lot of effort. First step I think is to look at the WM8804 datasheet. Make sure you can get I2S. I know the Twisted Pear WM8804 transciever will do I2S 24 bit. I2S 16 bit? Not sure. There are 2 benefits with that board. Jitter reduction and it gives you a SPDIF out besides the signals for the digital filter that you will need. You could steal power inside the Rotel to power the board too. I actually have 2 of the Analogmetric boards up and singing. Both have S1 Crown dacs. I use different analog stages. If you interested in that I can tell you more. :cool: Your stated project is worth doing. You might consider a CS8414 like circuit and use a DIR9001 adapter board. When I tested it it worked with I2S 24 bit. I prefer a different digital filter over the SAA7220. I get the needed 2's complement right justified data from the adapter board. Just a few ideas. Cheers, Dave :)
How great to get an answer! Thank you! It is not many of us thinking in this way!

I am a novice in digital technology, but have some experience with the analog. I had a look at Twisted Pear Audio, for the 8804, but I don`t understand that much. Is it so that the SAA filter only accepts 16 bit? It doesnt matter much to me, I think, as I use AAC files. It may be a problem some time in the future.

Native 24bit 96K USB to SPDIF I2S Converter Module DAC | eBay

I found this on ebay. May be a solution?

For the time I am using an old Philips CDP with TDA 1541a. I have tweaked the analog section, removed the mute transistors, Sanyo OS-CON and the op-amp is AD 827. It plays much better than anything else I have heard. It is seduction!
DAC receiver

Hi kvaal, Looks like that will get you USB to I2S. Maybe someone can chime in here about what the SAA7220 thinks of 24 bit 96 Khz data? It might ignore the extra bits. I know the TDA1541A in NOS is supposed to work up to 16 bits and ignores the other bits. Wish I had an answer for you. Anyone know? Dave :confused:

Ok. I`m interested in sp/dif input. I may use the cs 8412 or cs 8414.

What about this board?

DIR9001 Converter PCB CS8412 CS8414 Upgrade Replacement | eBay

Hi kvaal, I tried the link and it went nowhere. I have (2) DIR9001 to CS8412/8414 adapters from ebay. I purchased from RaindropHui. They do work. I use mine to send "2's complement, right justified, MSB first" to a NPC SM5814. It is a superior digital filter to the SAA7220. It features 18 bit coefficients and the 7220 can't make that claim. If you want to keep the 7220 it will do I2S. I have ran that into the 7220. Don't know what it does with 24 bits.... I just remember it plays. I preferred the 5814. I have data for the 5814 and a source if you ever want to try that just PM me. I have heard some complaints about Raindrop's dac's however the adapter works just fine. Hope that helps, Dave :D
DIR9001 adapter to CS8412/14

No harm for late replys. I`m late myself. Hope you don`t bother about that.

Thank you for the link. I will consider this one. Which voltage is needed?
It runs on 5 VDC, just like a CS8412/14. There is a regulator on the board to go down to 3.3 VDC that the DIR9001 needs. It is plug and play for any CS8412/14. You can wire up a board from the CS8412 datasheet, pick up +5 VDC inside the player. :)

I have seen designs of NOS TDA 1541a driven by only DIR 9001. What do you think of that.
Hi kvaal, You can certainly go that way. I tried it a week ago. It didn't play for me. Silent.... I hope to try it again with a Red Baron NOS board. It now looks as if that is lost in the mail. I won't waste another $40 to try again. So maybe a Veroboard effort. :) NOS will have a Sine X/X issue. What that means is at high frequencies you will have fewer samples so there is a gradual roll above 15 Khz or so. Some people can't hear much above that so not much issue. You can also add a compensation inductor to get a flatter response to 20 Khz. An example of which can be seen in Pedja Rogic's Aya II dac. I think most people hate the SAA7220 digital filter. So my solution was to use the DIR9001 board I showed you can put out "2's complement, MSB first, right justified data". I run that into a NPC SM5814BP digital filter and that is putting out I2S to the 1541. Well worth the effort, simple adapter sits in the 7220 socket. The original thread however was to make a CD player into a dac. :scratch: It is still worth considering your options. :D


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I`m a doubt by now. I have modded the buffer/filter on a Philips cdp, and one channel broke down. I believe the broken part is in the power support to the op-amp. It was a bit of smoke. I dont care too much about the broken player, but it has a TDA 1541a. Maybe I throw it away, after taking the TDA out, and make a dac of the TDA. I won`t need a digital input on the Rotel then.

The Red Baron looks interesting, but is out of stock. Anyway, it has dual layers, and I`m not fond of soldering these.

Maybe a veroboard solution. Seems interesting. Yes, it is interesting to see a circuit diagram. I`ll send a PM.
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