Make Before Break Toggle

Hey, First Post Here

I have scoured the internet and this forum to find a particular toggle switch. I have been unsuccessful and need some help. I am needing a switch like this...

3PDT Mini Toggle Switch far as size and what not, but need it to be a make before break.

So I need a 3PDT MBB ON (ON) Toggle, but cannot seem to find one.

If they do not exist, would an ON OFF (ON) toggle accomplish the same thing?



2011-04-29 8:37 pm
I need a 3PDT MBB ON (ON) Toggle, would an ON OFF (ON) toggle accomplish the same thing?

What you want will be difficult to find unless you can use a rotary switch.
An On-Off-(On) would not work the same way. You could use two switches
to emulate a single shorting toggle switch, depending on the application.
What are you trying to do?
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I think finding it in three poles is the hard part.

ON-OFF-ON would be a three positions switch with off in the center. Not what you want. I am not aware of a shorting 3PDT, but they could exist. It would be helpful to know what you are doing with the switch.

In the guitar world ON-ON-ON switches are common in DPDT. Instead of the center position being off, it is instead ON to both ends. This is what you are looking for except I imagine you don;t want the click in the center.

We use those as pickup selectors on the guitars themselves. Either side selects one of two pickups, in the center selects both.

There are also ON-ON-ON switches I call progressive, not sure the official name. In the center position one side switches over but not the other, like these: - 3-Way 4-Pole Guitar Toggle Switch-Chrome
You might be able to wire that up for your application.