Major Vibration


2005-08-13 10:39 am
Okay so hear it goes, I have a 2004 kia spectra and in it i'm running two kenwood 12s. The problem that i'm having is that I am getting tons of vibration off the rear speaker panel that the factory rear speakers are mounted on. It's really hard to enjoy the music because all i seem to focus on is the rattling that i hear. Can anyone suggest a fix for this? Also what are some suggestions for an interior system to go with? After i fix the vibration i plan on replacing my interiors.
you have the hatch or sedan? if its the sedan, i would suggest replacing the nylon screws in the brake light cover and the top rack to larger metal ones, that will hold it solid, if that doesnt work, putting a dampening material, like the roofing stuff found at hardware stores on the underside of it.

if its the hatch, i would find out whats making the noise and dampen it with whatever

im a fellow kia owner, for any help in disasembly some of us kia guys know the cars top to bottom, feel free to check out for any help or info on kias in general
Remove the rear deck (you'll probably have to remove the rear seats for this) and put some pieces of soft foam under it. They don't have to be thick, just enough to space the deck cover away from the metal.
Also do as suggested above and get some dynamat-style sound deadening material. Notice I didn't say get Dynamat; you can get the same thing much cheaper from or