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For Sale Magico V3 Midrange Drivers, MA 60004

Things you have for sale.
The MA 60004 is a 6” midrange driver used in the Magico V3 speaker system. The cone is made of a sandwich material: a core of Rohacell, a foam/composite material coated with layers of carbon nanotubes, which Magico calls Nano-Tec. This provides an extraordinarily stiff yet exceedingly light cone that behaves as a perfect piston throughout its operating range.

These drivers developed cracks in the rubber surrounds and were removed from a pair of Magico V3 speakers that I purchased from an authorized dealer in Feb 2013. I replaced these with new drivers purchased directly from Magico.

I subsequently found a company, however, that professionally installed new OEM rubber surrounds on these drivers that were removed, hence selling them since they are now an extra pair.

$800/pr obo (Buyer pays fees and shipping.)

Shipping weight: 9 lbs (pair)

Shipping dimensions: 10” x 9.5” x 9.5”


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