Macrovision Legal Question

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I have a Sharp LCD projector that is Macrovision sensitive.
Also I typically prefer to route A/V signals for switching purposes via my VCR which is also throughput Macrovision sensitive.
I am also in consult on behalf of a local importer/distributor regarding a particular make of Chinese DVD player and have tried to get info from them regarding disabling Macrovision scrambling of the output, and have recieved from them that it is illegal for them to divulge this info.
The question is - Given that I am not interested in copying DVD discs to VHS, but I wish to view DVDs on my CRT Tv via my VCR for A/V signal switching purposes, or view DVD's directly on my LCD projector, is it legal for Macrovision Corp to inhibit the usage of my playback only equipment, or to limit the Macrovision switchability of the playback source ?.

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Hi mrfeedback;

The problem you are having with the Macrovision copy protection should be laid at the feet of Sharp. I work for a TV manufacturer and it is the receiver/display that needs to be able to deal with Macrovision signal.

In the DVD/VCR world it is REQUIRED that the Macrovision signal be passed AT ALL TIMES.

Sorry, I know thats not what you wanted to hear, but thats how it is.

I bought a Sima SCC to permit me to route my video signals like I wanted to (DVD to VCR to TV). I do use it to to convert my kid's DVD's to VHS since I don't trust my 3 year old to work the DVD player (she has no problems loading tapes).

Image quality wise I haven't noticed any image degredation with the Sima SCC. I am using S-Video since that is what my VCR supports and with my TV I can't see any improvement from component video.

If you are using a HD TV then using a line doubler also eliminates Macrovision problems.

Hey all,
this may have been gone through in my topic, 'Macrovision Problems?' ( but in case I'm wrong (too lazy to check) I'll go through it again.
Macrovision is made for anti-piracy purposes only. It is ILLEGAL to pirate movies, etc. But piracy is only when you sell or otherwise distribute these copies you make. Backing up of movies is not illegal. Backing up of movies is when you make a 'backup' for personal home use.
Therefore it is legal to make backups (like haldor has legally done), and so legal to disable macrovision as long as it is not for illegal purposes.
What you're experiencing mrfeedback is ILLEGAL. If macrovision interferes with the viewing of a movie it is ILLEGAL and perfectly legal to disable it. If they don't disable it then they are being either ignorant or pricks and may possibly be breaking the law. What I did (was for illegal purposes but, oh well) was I bought a Video Copy Box made to backup your own copies of movies. As you are also from Perth I will give you the info on where I got it (international readers: i have info for you in my Macrovision Problems topic). A few years back I baught it at Tandy Electronics Bullcreek for $150AUD (still new technology). The brand is data video and the model is VP-260. I have included a pic of it in box (sorry bout the pic quality).
Hope this helps. If you want me to expand on what I've said then ask
Catcha later


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Macro Bluff ?...

Bruce - "I asked you not to tell me that"
Phil - Thanks but I do know about Macrovision stripper/restorer boxes and schematics, so I can get around the problem by using one of these, or opening and modifying the video AGC stage time constant caps in the Vcr and projector, but either soloution is still a PITA compared to the right keystrokes on the DVD remote control.
Morien - Thankyou for the good information, and do you have any legal document references regarding Macrovision being illegal so that I can wave them at the manufacturer so that I can get the info that we want ?.
Where in Perth are you ?.
Please give me a phone call tomorrow if possible - it is on my website.

Thanks and Regards,
Max Smart.
Unfortunatley I have no legal documents to say that, as although I do have some knowledge of it (basically what I've written) I have had no reason ever to persue this, as I have the macrovision stripper, plus I can get my hands on a macrovision free dvd if needed. The resource I get a lot of my information from is .
Another resource just if anyones interested is They have an extensive list of DVD player reviews and for many also have codes you input via your remote control to either disable macrovision or region coding etc. For example, my dvd, the Teac DV-2150, when you press eject and input 2168, you can then choose what region DVD you want to play, or Region 9 for ALL region.
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