Mach One replacement driver

I've been crunching numbers for a proposed new low-end woofer I want to use the RS Mach-one fifteen inch reissue. GRS speakers which created a copy of the original, the specs just don't seem to make sense.
I simmed up the driver & as expected the EBP points firmly to the sealed camp, which is as the originals. My point is, the simulations indeed is sealed, but at 578.4 Liters I sold those speakers at Radio Shack long ago as a kid, and the enclosures are maybe one/quarter of 578 liters worth. Adjusted the SIM for a guess at the originals far smaller enclosure has QTC pushing towards one-point zero, ( 1.0 )...rather flabby uncontrolled bass. What's going on here?, ...did Radio Shack actually make such an uncontrolled particular speaker? Or, are the new replacements that far off from the originals?

So, essentially it was an Aperiodic alignment?, interesting. This makes sense, as I had an "experience" with poor cabinet construction that you may recall as I wrote here awhile ago, recapping. Circa 1978, I went to a 'soccer' field to practice & have some fun...I wrestled my RS Nova 8bs' up on the roof of my 70 Mustang...driven by my Pioneer GM120 amp....all was fine, tunes gleefully projecting out onto the field, till it stopped, the vibration had the pair walking off the roof & onto the ground. Each enclosure "disassembled itself" down to its component panels...the hasty application of glue, lack of reinforcing...all the wrong things to do building a cabinet.
Big drivers in rather small enclosures kinda maxed out with the JBL L166 Horizon.

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