Lunar Remote Turn on issue

I picked up a used Lunar 200x2 amplifier today and it has a weird remote turn-on issue. If i use the remote turn on from my head unit or step up through a relay, the amplifier and head unit (and relay when used) just cycle click and nothing turns on. If I jump over from the positive to the remote turn on, the amp fires up, plays fine, and doesn't even blow the 3 amp fuse I used to protect it.

The only "diagnostic" issue I found is that the remote turn-on at the amplifier seems to show 1.005 k ohm of resistance to ground until it is energized. I also tried the head unit's remote turn on lead connected directly to another amplifier's remote turn on input and it was able to turn it on with no problems. I believe I safely ruled out the head unit as a problem.

I was wondering if this could be a simple fix or something requiring a trip back to QAS?

My external relay is a black Bosch. Another friend said my Alpine 9885 may be too weak to energize the relay and/or the amp's remote turn on. The last time I had a problem with an Alpine not turning stuff on, it was with my 7941. I am getting tired now, but I may try a Pioneer HU that I have laying around and see if it offers a better remote turn on signal.

The thing that is puzzling me is the fact that the amp works when I jump over from power to remote turn on using a 3 amp fuse to protect the connection.
Connect terminal 30 of the relay to the remote turn-on of the amp. Connect terminal 87 to the B+ terminal of the amp. Does the amp power up?

It does the weird cycling thing when I connect the relay this way too. The only way to get the amplifier to turn on is to either jump it from power or put +12v on a toggle to remote. This issue has me scratching my head.