Lt1360 power output stage (auto bias)

Hi Have anybody tryed this application

If so are there a pcb layout ? if not I make up one my self.

I think it sound like a easy way to make high power amp without
having to worry about matching and bias.

If any one have coments about this application.
or modifications.

question on the secound power slice
is the 2n3904 /2N3906 conected to the same point (-12.5v/12.5V)
and at -15 /15+ ?

Is it so that a solution with 2 powerslice(4 output mosfets) can not run a 4 ohm load?

Is it posible to drive more output in parallel .example one lt1166
drives to pairs of output mosfets for more current?

How maney volt does the supply have to sec 2x. XX ac. ??

It look like it will be very expensiv trafo and caps .

any advice is welcome jc.