LspCAD noob help w/series x-over?

I was playing with the demo version of the latest LspCAD and I couldn't find any examples of a simple 2 way passive series crossover? ( Would like to start with: 1 tweeter, 1 or 2 woofers, one inductor, and one capacitor; and, if absolutely nesc, a couple resistors )

I tried building one in the schematic editor, but it's not working well at all.

Could someone please point me to where I can download such an example project, or post one here?

LspCAD looks easier than SoundEasy , but neither one is remotely close to intuitive :p There seem to be too many things that can go wrong and features you would expect to be there that aren't. I imagine once you're familiar with either program it's a snap to use them, but the initial learning curve is rough.

There are some example series crossover projects out there, but they're not in formats loadable by programs like LspCAD or SoundEasy etc.
You mean the actual layout? This is how I usually do it. Hope it helps.