LPSU powering hdd DIRECTLY - HOW?

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First ever post here.

The question context is re a Music Server, substituting a LPSU is to eliminate noise from SMPS.
Conventional means (which I followed) is to install a Pico-psu of some brand, power it with a lps to run the motherboard with "clean" power (or at least cleaner than ac) and go from there - no problem, that.
My difficulty arises from trying to run the server's drives with an lps, in order to circumvent the smps in the pico psu's that run drives - in essence re-introducing the very noise that a lps is to remove!
The solid state, single voltage (5V) drive was no problem, using a Teddy Pardo 5/3. Different story with dual voltage (12V & 5V) hdd from a single lps, in this case a Teddy Pardo 12/4.
My ignorance led me to assume that the hdd's dual voltage provides a choice of whichever SINGLE voltage is presented to the hdd - wrong!
Twice, I've connected the yellow/black leads of a sata power adapter (cutting off Molex end and the red/black 5V leads, and soldering those to two different types of terminations that accept the 2.5mm female barrel connector coming from the TP 12/4, but the hdd won't power up with only the single 12V wires, it "obviously?" wants to have BOTH voltages present at the sata connector in order to function.
Now, I know I'm not the only person running a LPSU to power drives in a computer, but I certainly am missing something (brains?) that is blocking my path to making the hdd work.

Can anyone help me out here and provide a solution to this problem?

Thank you kindly, I appreciate you confirming my slowly-dawning realization.

Looks like I'd have to split the TP 5V/3A in order to achieve that; given the benign load demands from the ssd and the hdd (not used for boot, only .6a at read/write), do you foresee a problem with using that means?

Best Regards
Just to let you know that I used the two Teddy Pardos exclusively for the hdd; works as it should (and the results are simply FABULOUS, worthy of the effort/expense, considering that the hdd is most critical).
Since I also have an HD-Plex 100 on hand, running the mobo, used its 5V output to run the ssd. Done deal, great to go.
Thanks for your help!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.