Lowheat/high power light sources.


2002-05-19 10:07 am
Hello again..

Well its been awhile and i have finally started construction of my own DIY LCD projector i opted for a Delta optics setup and a small 620x480 lcd screen i got off ebay for 20 bucks,it was out of a digital camra...im leaving most of the digital camras guts intact because it has RCA jacks and encloseing the entire thing in a large book sized cigar box.(thought it would be cool to be able to hide in amongst my sci-fi novels)
but i am confused about light sources...has anyone gone the LED route with good results? im looking for something with low heat and high brightness.
im thinking of rigging up series of Halogen bulbs i found at radio shack at 350 lumens a pice...350x10=3500 lumens right?. also im looking into the Laser or Laser diode method and a convergence lens setup

if anyone could give me some info on this id appreciate it.



2002-05-17 2:47 pm


Most of this has been covered in the DIY Projector thread. I know that there are alot of posts there but it would pay you to review them because it will answer alot of your questions.
DIY Projector

Short answers....LED's have been discussed but currently do not seem feasible for a variety of reasons.

Metal Halide Lamps seem to be the best choice overall.

If your LCD is very small...you might consider looking at the Small Projector Thread.
Small Projector

You can search these threads by clicking on the "show printable version" at the bottom of the page, then hitting "ctrl f" to bring up a search box.

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