low power output audio board recommendations

Hi Thanks for reading. I want to build a low power amp. I am currently using a modded quad 405-2 with help from a thread on this website. At 200 watts output the quad does sound good but is way too powerful for me. I have tried the tpa 3211 and tpa3255 chips but these were a considerable step down from the quad

Do you know of any board that can output about 20 watts or so, with good sound quality, not class a please
F5 is a class A. 25 w/ch "The F5 is a Push-Pull, Class-A power amplifier. It is unique in that it has no capacitors in the amplifier circuit. The F5 is a voltage source amplifier, requiring nothing out of the ordinary from your preamp or speakers."
Class A wastes a lot of heat to avoid crossover distortion. Circuit details are not published by diyaudio store so you'll have to find a F5 thread under pass amps forum. I'm a class AB fan.
I bought a Peavey M-2600 (70 w/ch stereo class AB) and updated the e-caps. No nasty radio interference due to the steel case & input & output protection. No fans, huge heatsinks outside the case. They run cold at 1 w/ch. 0.1% HD to 50 w/ch at 4 ohms, no spec for 8 ohms.
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Thanks! I did have a simliar problem in that the F5 was giving off a lot of heat. I had 6 boards to make up a 5.1 amplifier, huge heatsinks but life was a continual struggle
I would like to know if reducing the bias would be a way to reduce the heat output, or would it be too detrimental to the sound
Again, this amp is discussed on the pass amp forum. Not on solid state forum. Schematic would be over there. Experts would be over there.
I pay too much for air-conditioning to buy any class A amp over 1 watt. Obsolete at 25 watts in a globally warming world. The first portable transistor radios were class A, used crystal earphones, not speakers. I only use A/C to prevent my wood piano & walls from molding.