Low cost Arduino based total amp control

The goal is to use already available arduino parts from ebay, and to produce following functionality:

1) IR remote control for power on/off, channel switching and volume
2) Softstart
3) Temp display and control
4) LCD info display on front panel.

So far, I got this working without volume control. I am waiting for LDRs to arrive.

eBay part list:

1) arduino nano clone: 2 eur
2) 4 channel relay pcb: 2 eur
3) 1602 LCD: 1.5 eur
4) IR remote: 1.5eur
5) temp sensor: 1.5 eur
6) cables, headers, resistors: 2eur
7) LDR: 10 eur.

Software is already written, up and running. Tactile buttons for channel switching and power on/off are also included, but I think I am going to get rid of those and have IR only control.


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Great project! Did you write the software?

And I'm missing what you need the LDR's for.

I have one of those Arduino clone boards intended for converting the outputsignal of my car's steeringwheel controls to an aftermarket radio, but haven't done much research yet.
Price of China made stuff is rediculous. So is quality at times... (for amplifierboards, I have seen errors in connections many times, and supposedly layout is often lousy as well).
Thanks. LDRs are planned for volume control, but I might go with PGA2310 instead. I am writing software myself, and it's quite trivial with all given arduino examples.

Last addition is a "back" button on remote, for fast A/B source switching without shifting a finger;) It alternates between current and last input selection with one button. I miss that functionality I used to have in my old Sony CRT;)

I might add IR learning functionality as well, so that any remote can be added. Waiting for ESP8266 module to arrive so that it can be controlled over wifi too.

I also ordered a nice 2.42" OLED display from eBay, these cheap 44780 LCDs are too small and with crappy contrast.