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I have been thinking about buying speaker measuring software so I can improve my diy speakers. I tried Speaker Workshop and I really don't like its interface. Any LSPCad or SoundEasy users here ?

Looking for a well documented package that will work with w2k pro machine, I have M-Audio audiophile 24/96 card that I would like to use. I also would like some input on good MICs for this job.

I am not looking at the BEST software out there, just something not expensive to get the job done. I just want to be able to measure the drivers in my cabinets, run a couple simulations, and design a xo.

I am pretty happy with the current xo, but knowing that it could probably sound better is bugging me :) So I must attempt to improve it.
I'm the user of LSP Cad Std and for the price I would say it's an exellent value. I use JustMLS for measuring and it also gives very good result indeed.

Here's a picture of two craphs, gray is measured response after completing the crossover and black is simulated (drivers + cross)response of LSPCad using previosly measured data of drivers imported to LSPCad.


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I have been waiting out to afford a Pro version of LSPCad cause it has the crossover emulator...Then I approched Mark Zacherman(?) who wrote speaker workshop. He is looking into adding this feature. I've just been to SE's website....and it says they have it too!

SE costs about £140 and is certainly on my shopping list this month...unless anyone has anything negative to say about it?

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Rarkov said:
SE costs about £140 and is certainly on my shopping list this month...unless anyone has anything negative to say about it?

It doesn't run well on my Mac?

Seriously there is a growing amount of software for doing speaker testing, modeling, emulation, etc. I just wish more of it ran on the Mac. But it will come. For now i'll just have to live with Mac-the-Scope & MacSpeakers & MacSpeakerz (and a copy of Virtual PC)


I'm using EMM-8 calibrated mic from

It's affordable and comes with calibration file that is easily useable in JustMLS.

The cal file shows a stady rise from 0dB@1.5k to +1.5dB @ 20k so the mis would be useable even without cal info.

I'm mostly doing the measurements 70-80cm from front plate on tweeter axis...

I just went through this exercise and decided on Soundeasy. In fact my order should arrive within the hour via UPS. I have been playing with Speaker Workshop as well but SE seems much more comprehensive.

That fact that I am building a WMTMW system and it is directly handled in SE is a real plus. SW is great but there are too many limitations that SE just doesn't have.

I already built a Walin Jig and a mic preamp for my calibrated mic, (which I bought with LAUD some years ago), so I can hit the ground running.

SE has everything from complete system simulation, box design, crossover design, radiation patterns, up through room placement optimization in non-rectangular rooms.

I'm really excited about getting started today and since I am currently unemployed, I'll have plenty of time on my hands to use it! :D

Phil O.son,

How's Soundeasy working out for you? I'm interested, but I've read that it's a bit difficult to use. Maybe that comment was directed to an earlier version?

Also, do you know whether it handles ribbons? Dipole midranges? I read about dipole woofers, but...



It looks very powerful but for now I am stuck trying to find the acoustic center of my speakers. I started a thread on the Soundeasy board and it has generated a lot of discussion and, unfortunately, disagreement. I've had a bad head cold the last couple of days so I haven't made much progress but when I'm better, I'll dive back into it.

I personally think that the manual needs a complete rewrite as things are very confusing and you must jump around a lot. It is also difficult to figure out if you are doing sometihing right. I don't mind this myself as I have plenty of patience but if you have a short fuse, beware.

I also think that the software interface could also use some ergonomic improvements as well since some of the screens are confusing.

Luckily there is good support from what I've seen so far and there are others that are willing to chip in with their experiences.

I think that Speaker Workshop would be my next choice but SE is simply more powerful from what I've seen. If you do jump in, that's one more person to bounce idea's off of though. Perhaps if you understand the manual and software interface you can explain them to me! :D

Good luck,
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