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New to this forum so hello everybody,I have come across a problem with a friends speakers,the man is very ill and his main pleasure is music,he has a cd based system Micromega /Arcam /Minstral speakers,on a recent visit he asked me to take a look as his system it was well off song ,when I looked at the rear of the speakers I found 2 small holes with a single strand wires ,bare not insulated poking out .these were connected to thick loudspeaker cables by plastic connectors,one wire on one speaker was broken just inside the exit hole ,so no connection on one speaker I tried to solder a pce of wire to the broken end but no luck.I then removed the mid /bass driver and was amazed to see that there were four bare wires, 2 to the mid/bass speaker terminals then 2 to the treble speaker terminals ,still no insulation and these wire were all touching each other they seemed to have been manufactured this way .I have built and owned 6 speaker systems but have not seen anything like this, the speaker are approx15 years and are called MINSTRALL,I wonder if anyone knows any thing regarding these speakers Sorry to be so long winded,but I would like to help this friend
Many thanks for reading this
ATB Peter
In one word, it seems that it doesn't use a xover. (?) It's possible.
I thought you were going to say that it doesn't have wires attached and that it had some kind of permanent power unit inside ?!!! If they are (wires) from a motor, or inductor, they are insulated, but you don't see the insulation. Do you know if the drivers are working or not?
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many thanks inductor for your reply,the speakers were working,until xmas last year,as you have stated I also do not believe there are any xover being used ,the speaker seem to be completely sealed, no panels screws or any method of gaining access to the interior,apart from removing the two small drive units,what was funny is that the positive connection to the speaker terminals is indicated with a small red plastic sleeve on the respective wires?, cant understand that as all wires were bare and touching ie shorting out but due to the mans very poor heath I cannot see him altering anything,what I was hoping for was that someone had knowledge of these speakers ,I was also concerned by long bare wires!!!surround by felt and foam material could they become hot would they burn etc?,but I feel no luck
many thanks for taking the time to reply
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many thanks Sreten for your input ,having checked out the Royd website
they are not the speaker manufacturers,the speakers are approx 36"high and approx 7"wide ,looking down on them they are triangler in shape,maybe a photo would help,any way thanks for your help
ATB peter
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