Loudspeaker Foam Surround glue?

Hi All.

Hoping you can advise me.

I need to replace the foam surrounds and cones on a pair of Jamo Speakers I picked up recently for $15.

I've removed the remains of what crumbled away and will soon be ready to glue their replacements.

What's left of the special glue (white) I bought won't be enough to finish the job.

Do I need to buy more dedicated foam surround glue or is standard PVA wood glue (white glue, elmers glue) suitable.


White (when wet) PVA glues is fine. Dries transparent and slightly flexible.

*Some* brands, meant for woodworking/carpentry include some mineral load (finely powdered talcum or industrial chalk) to give it some "solid contents" to make it stronger, more rigid, those dry whitish opaque and you don´t want them.
Buy whatever you find locally NOT branded "extra strong" or similar.

Also avoid the type sold for schoolkids use, and labelled as "washable".

A bonus to Mothers who must clean Junior´s mess ;) but those again include a load: starch.
When clothes are washed, starch grains absorb water, expand, and soften glue so it´s easily washed away, again you don´t want that.

IF you live in a large city, printer suppliers have a special "bookbinding glue" which is pure PVC (+ water of course), they apply it to cheap (non stitched) books or tear away writing pads and is meant to be flexible.
Often slightly dyed red or green, no problem since it´s only a dye, not solid pigment.

Before comitting to the real refoaming, you can draw a straight bead along some paper and let it dry overnight, then check transparency and flexibility.

Just checked, Anita´s looks fine.
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I have been doing a number of foam surround replacements lately and I bought my parts and glue from QSR (mentioned in other posts above). The glue supplied was in a QSR labelled plastic bottle with nozzle and it was identified as Bostik EVA 4709. Bostik label it as AV4709 https://www.bostik.com/files/live/s...ort-australia/bostik_av_4709_tds_23112018.pdf

The genuine Bostik product is only available in a minimum of 20L (expensive) so not suitable for the average hobbyist or speaker repairer. I did some further research and in a similar manner to the 2 suggestions from afa for Craftsmart and Crafters Tacky glues from Spotlight, I came across an archival quality EVA glue from Helmars. It is called Helmars Super-Tac https://www.helmar.com.au/Helmar-Products/super-tac-eva-glue.html

I contacted Helmars and explained what the intended use was (speaker foam repairs) and the answer I got back was a bit surprising. They said "this is what one of our customers uses Super-Tac for - Queensland Speaker Repairs." So I am wondering if QSR is actually supplying Helmars Super-Tac in bottles labelled Bostik AV4709. It is a considerably less expensive product than the industrial grade Bostik AV4709.... Hmmmm!