lots of lcds but help me pick one please!!!!

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I have a request. can someone go to earthlcd.com and point out an lcd that can be used for a projector? Ive been reading this forum for a long time and it would be helpful if someone could just say: theres one here and you can see the pic of it. Rather than going to ebay to find something thats been gone for a long time or wont work when you get it. It would really help everyone if they could just go look at the lcd for the project they are doing. From there they would have better knowledge of what to look for.

I would like to know which one would be easiest to take apart to use with either an overhead or a diy projector? ( transmisive) the overhead lcd I would want about 8-10 inches but the diy version i would want a lot smaller.

Thanx for your help guys
It depends on what you want, your budget, and your desired results. When I first stumbled onto this site, I started to piece together what I would want.

I know I wanted an 80" x 45" picture for movies (I don't watch TV), so the screen can attach and detach nicely to my wall unit.

I then started thinking about a method to build it. Simplest solution is to get an Overhead LCD projector panel (like mentioned above) and stick it on an school-style overhead projector. I won't be going that route because a) it's not as fun, and b) most importantly, it won't pass the Girlfriend Approval Wall of Doom. (GAWD) It's damn ugly to have an overhead projector sitting in your living room.

However, it's easier to use a small (<4") panel in a DIY projector. You can focus the light better, and you can project the image easier, however you're not going to find very many (or any) small, (relatively) high res LCD panels. And yeah, we've looked. The best out there is 320 x 240, and for me, that won't cut it. For my desired screen size, that would give me 1/4 inch pixels.

So this is my route: I'll be taking an Nview Spectra C (again, mentioned above, or Ebay) and building a custom box around it, with lights and optics and everything. The hard part about that though is trying to get an even light through the LCD, and enough light to project a good image. Finish the box in a good wood finish, stick it in the corner and enjoy. And it will please GAWD.
I am in the process of mailing invsol as we speak. Ebay has some good deals but I have no way of accessing thier offers as I have no credit card. There are some good but risky deals there. To make things even harder, I live in Canada and no one has even heard of ohp projection panels. I just got an e-mail from infocus customer service telling me that those panels are no longer produced. This means I must go through one of the American dealers like invsol... lets just hope they take money orders. I do have a gamecube 5.4' lcd and have no idea if it can be used for this application (see the " Anyone have the gamevue lcd panel" thread. we are actually attempting the reflective method. sans lcd distruction.
Able Auctions http://www.ableauctions.com (based in Vancouver) is having a large office auction on Thursday. With a detailed preview starting Wednesday. They have a quick preview (http://www.ableauctions.com/auctions2.cfm?AuctionID=765) up right now, and some of the items up for sale are "Home theatre equipment", so I'm presuming that's projectors. If I can get one for < $250 CAD, well my DIY troubles are over. :) That's what it would cost me for the just the panel on EBay. *******' snipers.
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