Looking for volume control ideas ..


2010-02-13 3:41 am
Getting closer on my 3886 GC build. I have the PS up and running now .... +/- 33VDC, unloaded. This is using a 160VA xfrmr. I don't actually intend to push it much beyond 15-20w/ch anyway.
I have two Chipamp boards for the amps, loaded and ready to install.

The base is a .6" thick slab of aluminum, used as the heatsink. The sides are 1" thick solid walnut, and the face is 3/4" thick solid cherry. It looks pretty nice, with a Danish oil finish.

Anyway, I am at an impasse on putting an attractive volume knob on it. Due to th thickness of the front piece, I'll have to use some type of shaft extension for the POT or attenuator. I'm afraid I'll butcher this part of the job.

Any great ideas out there? Any good pics to share?

I'll post some pics soo of the progress.
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