Looking for sony schematics (ce775 and ns500v)

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What are they?

Hey Brian,

What are these units? I don't have the schematics, sorry, I just thought i'd help keep the thread alive for you.;)

When you get a chance let me know if you think your new Aleph board design will provide any performance benefits over the original design.

Rodd Yamas***a
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I actually have not had much time to play with them yet. I am currently visiting my parents up in Maryland, and found the NS500V at Best buy on sale for $149, but they had no more in stock or in the warehouse, so they sold me the display model (hadn't really been used, since the ce775 was used for the demo model) for $109, so I could not refuse that offer. Before I came up here to visit my parents, I bought the 775 from goodguys.com.

The NS500V is a great deal if you can get one for $149, it plays dvds great, and has a built in DTS/DD decoder for dvds, which I am looking for, since I have a dedicated DD decoder, but no DTS. So far, I have just tested it on dvds and cds, but no sacds yet. I cracked it open and looked at the boards last night. It has quite few components when compared to the xa777 unit that I have seen pictures of the internals of.

I am not really sure yet what I want to do with the two units, but I am going to pick up a couple of SACDs yet and compare the units, along with regular cds.

Thanks Rodd,


Since we're on the subject of SACD/DVD player, does anybody know how to disable some circuitry so that:

1. It won't have to take forever to START playing an audio disc (regular CD or SACD)? Something in the line of bypassing reading the TOC and go straight to playing the audio disc. I find it a real pain to play disc on either single disc SACD player or multi-disc SACD player. Multi-disc has the added inconvenience of taking forever to rotate the tray even if you want to play just one disc. My experience has only been on SONY SACD player but it might be applicable for any brand.

2. Or how to disable the video circuitry completely and use it as a audio player only?
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Read this page here, describing the mods done to the ns500v:
http://www.tweakaudio.com/Sony NS500V.html

It looks possible to disable the video circuitry. Check out the EVS level 1 mod:
"The first level includes the following:
1. Adding an IEC connector so one can use better power cords. An inexpensive power cord is included.
2. A switch is added on the back panel to turn off the video circuits when you are listening to music for better sound.
3. Another switch is added to the back panel that allows turning off the digital out circuits including the nasty toslink connector. Again for better sound.
4. The switching power supply is cleaned up by changing the main diodes to very exotic soft recovery types and removing many distortion producing parts.
5. The main power supply to the output stage is beefed up as well as the power supply to the DAC stages (much larger capacitors).
6. The op amp on the stereo out circuit is upgraded and biased seriously into class A.
7. The output coupling caps are removed (stereo out only) as are all the other parts after the opamp except for a single output resistor which is changed to a better type.
8. The output muting transistor is removed (stereo out only) and a custom relay board is installed to make sure that there is no DC that will get out of the unit during turn on or off.
9. The power supply to the clock is cleaned up.
10. The transport mechanism is damped. "

Once I get a service manual for this player, I will try to see how most of this is done.

Dorkus on this forum did some modifications on this forum. I wonder how much he has done to his player so far.

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