Looking for small sub amp.


2001-12-03 6:51 am
I am working on a subwoofer for my dorm room. Because my room is small, with many neighbors, I cant havea big massive subwoofer. I;m really into car audio, but am new to the home audio game. I was planning on using a JL Audio 6W0 subwoofer (4 ohms). . .it's intended for a car system, but I just happened to have one laying around. It has a RMS power handeling of about 60 watts. I'm looking for a small little amp to power this thing (in both size and power output). Anyone know of any inexpensive units that might get the job done or where I should start looking? thanks, Tim
i wouldn't recommend it....

I think you will be dissatisfied with the sound of that driver in your room.

This is not a JL bash- i used to own a 10w0-4 and liked it just fine. But that sub expects your car's cabin gain to make up for the lack of low end.

here's what the response curves will be 'in theory':


note that even with this oversized box (see below) you've still got a F3 of 40hz.

here's what JL recommends:


the smaller box will be a bit safer- but in either case your port tuning freq is in the LOW TO MID 40's (hz) so it's gonna be VERY easy to unload and damage this thing. (or you put a steep Highpass filter at just below the tuning freq.- but that just more cost and complexity)

you're probably better off finding a 10" sub to play with. I saw some Image dynamics IDQ's for $69 on ebay.... and others should know some home subs to recommend that are usually cheaper than car stuff.

also, try this: http://www.snippets.org/ldsg/idx.php3