Looking for Schematic TDA1541a DAC PORTABLE !

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The TDA1541 is a DIL28 package ( it is quite big, just for the chip itself) then you need a digital receiver, decoupling caps, and an output stage. It also takes 3 input voltages.
Really this chip and associated components is too big for a portable unit. But of course this depends what size you consider portable?

Why do you want this one as a portable?

Much better for size to go with a TDA1543. Similar sound but smaller and portable ;)
Perhaps this would do the job?
HI-FI Mini DAC TDA1543 DIR9001 NOS DAC Incl power ADP S - eBay, Other, Home Audio, Electronics. (end time 27-Sep-10 02:28:58 AEST)
the reason I need portable is I have DAP which has coax out.
and I need to try using digital out to DAC running on battery.
since I will use Battery Power Amp. for my headphone.

looks like impossible to have TDA1541 running on battery.
but TDA1543 parallel is still make sense.

any idea ?

You don't need to run the TDA1543 in parallel, you just need one chip and then have an op-amp buffer driving the headphones.
As long as you can make your own op-amp buffer and supply positive and negative voltage to it, you could add to and modify the DAC I gave you a link?
The reason i need 1541a is the reputation of being the best dac chip.
High end people said that 1541 is still the beat compare to 1543 or other new chip.

Now since I need battery power for portable and it's imposaible to use 1541, I'm thinking having parallel 1543 will give a better SQ than single 1543 chip.

I saw the link with parallel 1543 chip but I read the review that it is not that good in term quality and SQ.
It's not expensive.. Like US$ 50.
I wonder how much power that thing draw ? 50ma at 12 volt ?

Anyway, I'm really concern about SQ, I prefer 1541, but it's too big for battery power.

I love the TDA1541. I use it at home. but I don't know why you are too worried about using another DAC for headphones?
parallel TDA1543 would sound good with an active output stage. Too many people use it just with a resistor IV converter and this gives a weak bass performance. With an op-amp it will sound good.

If its a headphone DAC I would personally use an AK4396. With all the ambient noise when outside, you would be fine listening to almost any good DAC.
Have you heard a TDA1543. It is very smooth, an easy listen. The AK4396 is very detailed, warm and still smooth - probably good in a noisy environment.

If at home - yes use TDA1541. but otherwise, there are more practical DACs for portable. IMHO
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well yes, but that doesnt stop people such as myself and my friend above here wanting to go portable with them. I run a buffalo II with balanced headamp portable with A123 battery power fed coax->mini BNC from a CF modded iriver. not a small unit, but with custom molded in ear monitors, I have just as much quiet as you do with your speakers at home. in fact the detail retrieval of this setup is only beaten by quite serious speaker systems.

so OP, dont be discouraged, i'm sorry I cant give you any specific advice regarding this chip, NOS dacs are not really my cup of tea. but depending on the headphones you are using, you may be able to run a diamond buffer with a small amount of gain. use a chip lie the OPA827 or OPA1611, perhaps with BUF634 in the feedback loop. there are no designs for this level of portable dac published, you will have to modify a circuit designed for home to run on battery and add some nice opamps or a simple discrete solid state JFET buffer

if you are running an amp and not wanting to drive the headphones directly from this unit; you will be OK with the above, otherwise you will need to work out some way of attenuating the signal. I use digital volume as the sabre has a very good implementation and lets face it, no pot is a good pot
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